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What people are saying about Aquatic Edge Clinics...

Hi Karlyn,

Just wanted to give you an update and thank-you. I raced Ironman WA on Dec 3rd, 2006. I swam a 53:20 there. That is my fastest swim by two minutes. More importantly, I came out near the middle of the male pro's, a first for me.

Thanks for all the tips; the new stroke feels great and strong. Best of all, I do not have near the shoulder problems I had over the last 2 years.

Thanks again!!

Scott McMillan

Karlyn and Eric,

I just had a new personal record for 1000 yds. free - 14 min. 45 secs. Still lots of room for improvement, but that's a minute faster than last summer, and 30 seconds fast than a few weeks before your clinic.

I believe the improvement is coming from better body posture ("swim tall in the water, suck that diaphragm in and lay flat like on a surf board") and longer arm extension ("stretch from your toes to the tips of your finger tips"), since I am certainly not getting any younger!

Jeff Koblic, Bay Area Dec 2007

Aquatic Edge breaks down swimming and makes it easy to understand.
  • Stroke analysis before and after allows you to see exactly how you swim before and after the coaching. The small changes you have made EQUAL a big difference in swimming efficiency. You can feel it immediately.
  • The drills, stroke correction and information you have learnt from the beginning of the clinic is proof on the final stroke analysis filming.
  • The DVD is a good tool to take home to watch just to remind you of the key points to swimming efficiently and give you simple drills to do each time you swim.
  • You don’t get bombarded with too much information so it makes it easy to remember!
  • The coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and open to answering any of your questions.

From Kate Major - 3rd at the World Ironman Championships KONA, Hawaii in 2004, 2005, 2007, IM USA Champion 2005, IM Arizona Champion 2005

Thank you for hosting the clinics this weekend in Denver. I attended the Saturday afternoon clinic. What a great learning experience for me.

The proof came this morning when I swam a 1,600m time trial to calibrate my new stroke and improved over my previous best 1,600m time by 4:33!!

I am now even more excited about my coming Ironman experience this summer. I am happy to serve as a reference or provide a testimonial if you would ever like one. Hope you visit your program in Kona some day. Safe travels home.


Stephen Gartside, Steve.Gartside@evolving.com

I just wanted to say thanks for a truly extraordinary clinic. I learned more in today's four hours than I have in the last four years--and that's saying a lot since I already had your DVD!

Again, many thanks. I cannot wait to share all I learned with my team!

Coach Shannon Singer- Mt Vernon, WA 2007

Thank you for a fabulous clinic at the Medgar Ever's Pool in Seattle Feb 10th 2007.

For eight years I've been reading books, doing masters swim, watching videos, but you folks gave me more useful than I've every gotten.

I feel like I can now go to another level with my speed and efficiency. I particularly liked your logical approach to body position and rolling. I've been wrestling with the current theories for several years, but you clarified the debate for me. I'm passing this on to my master's swim and triathlon friends.

Thank You,

Frazer Mann, ilhottub@whidbey.com

The freestyle clinic helped me tremendously in that I feel more power, yet more relaxed in the water. I've applied the techniques to my backstroke as well.

This “wide entry” stroke is similar to the technique that I learned as a young swimmer in the Bay Area. I feel like my old self again.

I'm still waiting to swim a 100 Free in a meet so can send Karlyn an e-mail telling her that I've broken 1:00 minute!

Thanks so much!

Karla N. Black Head Coach, Nashua, New Hampshire Sept. 2006

What an incredibly awesome time I had at your clinic. Not only did I learn a ton (or unlearn a lot of bad habits, rather) but man, I had fun!

Thanks! Scott Harris Leesburg, VA September 2006

Dear Eric and Karlyn,

Many, Many thanks for the first LOGICAL clinic I have ever taken and the DVD, which simplifies all the mechanics. I am a BELIVER!

I do hope when our paths cross again that I will be able to show off the new me.

Ruth Bennett, Goffstown, NH September 15th, 2006

Thanks a bunch for coming over the mainland for the clinic at the Kennedy Club this weekend. It was the best "athletic clinic" that I have ever taken. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your instruction was second to none. Now I have my homework to do...i.e., get into the water and apply what you have taught me.

Jeff Forrest, San Luis Obispo, CA Dec. 2005

Thanks so much for the swim clinic. It was great. I liked the fact that it concentrated on specific techniques. I have so much to work on now that I know what I am supposed to be doing. I hope to do a half-Ironman in Sept. and this will help so much!!

Thanks again,

Wendy Wilmer, Columbus, Ohio 3/05

As a sponsor, what impressed me the most was how the teaching was so fast and effective for swimmers ranging in age from 15 to 60. I am incorporating both the methods and techniques in my programs at Charles River.

Bob Boder, Head masters coach and Aquatics Director
Charles River YMCA, Needham MA

I noticed a significant drop in my mile time shortly after returning home from the clinic in Maui. When we were together again in Alamo I think I mentioned that

I would be doing the Alcatraz 100, which was held last week.

In the race, I won my age group (40-49) and placed 34th out of 350. I attribute this success to the changes that are a result of the new stroke and your talented coaching. I look forward to more races and improving results ahead. Let me know when you might be back in the Bay Area for a possible refresher lesson.

Take care,

Neil Sullivan 2005

I thought I would give you a heads up. I just did a swim clinic tonight with Karlyn Pipes at the University of Louisville. She did an outstanding job. Probably the best clinic I have seen yet.

Coach Mark Gill, Louisville, KY 2005

As hopefully you know already there are freestyle swim clinics this Saturday and Sunday with Aquatic Edge. These clinics are for anyone interested in improving your technique and looking for inspiration. Eric and Karlyn offer the clinics, which are incredibly informative, and provide great tips and technique analysis and instruction. I highly recommend them for all - whether your a beginner, who needs help with freestyle to a competitive athlete - you'll definitely gain a wealth of knowledge and easily applied concepts to improve your technique.

Janet Renner, Maui Masters 2005