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  Private Swim Lessons in Hawaii

Take a lesson from one of the world�s best!

Have you ever thought to yourself...

Why do I work so HARD and yet swim so SLOW?

I want to do a TRIATHLON, but I can�t swim! Can you help me?

I swim off-course in open�water and am always out of breath. Why?

Whether you are a novice triathlete or a PRO, a beginner swimmer or have been swimming all your life, Karlyn will use her unique talents to zero in on your inefficiencies to help swim FASTER with LESS EFFORT right away.

How does Karlyn do it?

Your session will be held in an Endless Pool: This is an amazing non-biased teaching tool that allows you to feel the difference between faster and slower swimming, as well as effective and ineffective technique.

You will SEE yourself swim in the mirrors on the bottom. Get INSTANT FEEDBACK when you watch yourself swim in the two mirrors located on the bottom of the pool.

Karlyn will videotape you MULTIPLE times: Karlyn will film you and immediately show you what areas of your technique could use improvement.

You will be wacked (nicely) with a NOODLE: Karlyn�s signature teaching tool is a noodle. She will communicate with you by tapping you on your arm, back or head. Sounds weird, but a noodle is yet another effective way to provide you with instant feedback while you swim.

Voice-over observations on each video segment. While filming, Karlyn will speak into the camera making observations about your stroke technique, then offer invaluable suggestions on how you can improve it. She will also give you "homework" so you will have plenty of new things to practice when you get home. Add Viewing the videos and listening to the commentary will help you to continue to improve long after the session is over. You will also see how much visible CHANGE has occurred in a short time. Great job!

Here is a video of a session with Bob Gebbie of TRISTARS (http://www.tristarstraining.com) Bob is a coach, a client as well as a clinic host.

All sessions include
  • Multiple videotaping clips of your stroke from above and below water
  • Karlyn�s intuitive analysis of your current technique and how to improve it
  • See your stroke improve and change as the session progresses
  • Detailed handout covering all aspects of the stroke(s)
  • Aquatic Edge cap
  • Choice of a copy of Karlyn's book The Do-Over or an instructional DVD

Swimming is a LIFETIME sport, so you are making a great INVESTMENT in your future.

Cost: Initial 90-min session is $250 and includes a 30-minute mini-clinic followed by about 60 minutes of water time with video analysis. You will also receive an autographed copy of Karlyn�s Go Swim All-Strokes DVD ($40 value) to help keep you on track.

Additional sessions are $160 per hour

Youth sessions are $95 per hour

Why is teaching in an Endless Pool so effective?

Try it all and then YOU decide:
In the Endless pool, Karlyn has come up with a effective style of teaching where you compare and contrast a variety of techniques to find the style and technique that is right for YOU. Think of the Endless pool as a laboratory where you get to test a variety of techniques so you can figure out what works, and more importantly...what doesn�t.

You will KNOW you are faster right away:
As your session progresses, the new technique will feel less �weird� and you will begin to swim faster and more efficient. How does Karlyn know you are faster? Because she has secretly been turning up the speed of the current to keep up with your new pace!

Old stroke vs. new�which is faster?
At the end of your session, the most magical thing will occur. Karlyn will have you do the AMNESIA DRILL. When you revert to your �old� stroke, all of your bad habits come back, you slow down, lose efficiency and you get a quick trip to the back of the pool since the current is set at your �new stroke� speed! Mentally shift your gears to the new stroke and you rocket back to the front again! This is the best way to confirm how much faster and more efficient you have become in just a short time!

Email Karlyn at fasterfreestyle@gmail.com to set up you session today